A freshman student has been commended for her astounding interior design skills after she decorated the walls of her double room dorm with a beautiful and exotic tapestry that she bought from Target.

Alexandra Denaris, 17, was moving her belongings along into Graham Hall along with 300 other freshmen when her hall mates saw her pull the unusual decoration from amidst the usual beanbag chairs and mini fridges that were lining the halls.

“At first when I saw it, I felt intimidated – I’m not going to lie,”

Said fellow Graham Hall resident Alison Carley, who went with a more traditional “flowers” theme for her room.

“It definitely looked like a souvenir from some cool, far away destination I’ve never been to. Now I’m feeling way less confident about my shopping spree at Rooms-To Go.”

Carley wasn’t the only one who paid attention to Denaris’ choice of décor. Denaris reported that she had multiple people compliment her style, and ask where she got her wall hangings.

“I told most people who asked that it was from Asia,”

Denaris said, whose walls also featured multiple quotes by Shakespeare.

“It’s not entirely untrue – the tag does say it was made in Japan. I just cut off the part that said it was $12.99 and had the little bullseye logo on it.”

Despite the compliments and attention Denaris received for her Target purchase, the Graham Hall 1st floor RA, Shelli Sonders, said that she wasn’t as impressed as her residents by the now-famous ornament.

“Every year someone comes in with something – whether it’s a tapestry from Target or a rug from Urban Outfitters – that people lose their minds over. But what they don’t realize is that Jenny on floor 3 already has the same exact one.”

Sonders said she expects Denaris’ fame will last maybe another week, until the residents hear about Kelly Quikly from room 312 who supposedly has a yak hair blanket from Tibet  (but that she actually got from the clearance section at Ikea.)