University of Florida emerged victorious after a complete shut out in the 2014 BCS Bowl. The win over FSU came as no surprise, as the Gators had handily defeated football titans like Georgia Southern and Vanderbilt earlier in the season.

In the spotlight of this historic matchup were the two opposing quarterbacks. The Gators had Jeff Driskel, the star who miraculously recovered from a broken fibula and ego earlier in the season, while FSU had Jameis Winston, who recovered from allegations of statutory rape. Both were on the top of their game, but in the end Driskel was awarded the Heisman trophy and best defensive player of the year. Winston was awarded a $100 scholarship to UF.

Many bandwagon Gator fans have come out of the woodwork with the recent win, showing their newfound support all over Florida schools. FSU has reportedly changed the name of their indian mascot to Ahtunowhiho Gator, which means “one who lives beneath the Gator.”

This popularity has driven sales through the roof, as stores all over campus ran out of Driskel jerseys immediately after the game. Reports say that the stores had plenty of Tim Tebow and Steve Spurrier jerseys (now 75% off at the bookstore!*).

Other universities like USF and UCF wanted to join in but couldn’t due to their lack of mascots, sports teams, or relevance.

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