The month of Breast Cancer Awareness has come to a close, and concerned American citizens are looking to promote awareness for a different illness throughout the month of November. It has been officially announced as “Urinary Tract Infection Awareness Month,” according to the UTI Awareness Foundation.

Urinary tract infections are the second most common type of infection in the body, and they account for over eight million visits to healthcare providers each year. This serious, commonplace disease has been affecting millions of lives for decades.

   “UTIs are commonly overlooked by the public,”

said Dr. I. P. Freely, head of the foundation.

“People just don’t take pee seriously.”

The UTI Awareness Foundation has partnered with various universities and professional athletic teams to help promote UTI awareness.

The University of Florida recently participated by having members of its football team wear yellow gloves and drink yellow Gatorade to kick off the project.

“My mom was diagnosed with a UTI a few years back, and it was really hard on the whole family,” said Treon Harris, University of Florida quarterback. “It’s nice to be able to promote awareness for such a prominent infection.”

One cause of urinary tract infections is unclean sexual activities, and in order to help prevention, health officials and Florida Cicerones will be providing demonstrations in Turlington Plaza. In addition to these demonstrations, there will also be free urine testing in the Plaza of the Americas.

Studies show that UTIs are most prolific in areas of high promiscuity and dirtiness, and therefore the Foundation is in the process of moving its entire nationwide budget to FSU campus.

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