Due to recent events, the Gator Nights team has unveiled a new craft station that they’re sure will increase attendance. 

The new “make your own mask” craft station will allow participants to create their very own personalized one-time-use face mask.

“Well we had some pipe cleaners and old curtains lying around,”

Said Michelle Knight, Gator Nights craft director.

“And attendance has been literally zero. We had to do something innovative.”

Knight was quick to add that the masks are not effective at all against any substance. Students will have to sign liability release waivers to get their mask supplies, which are limited one per UFID. Also the crafting station will only permit one student at a time, but Gator Nights staffers ensure students that they’ll fill in the role of their friends. 

The craft station has been popular with some students, but others say that Gator Nights is just capitalizing off of panic.

“I can’t believe they’re wasting good pipe cleaners on this. Besides, Gator Nights is for freshmen,”

Said freshman Kyle Harrow. 

“Also I’m at my house in Miami right now.”

Gator Nights will also be donating one hand-made-pipe-cleaner mask per attendee to UF Health. For every mask that UF Health gets, they are also donating one hand-made-pipe-cleaner mask BACK to Gator Nights, creating an infinite amount of masks.