It has been reported that one FSU student has decided to stay on campus this Thanksgiving break rather than going home due to UF hate week.

Harley Gerk, a junior interior design major at Florida State University has informed his friends, family and the general public that he will not be returning to his home in Boca Raton to celebrate Thanksgiving due to the many events and ongoings leading up to the rivalry game.

“Tell Grandma we’ll celebrate her 95th birthday next year,”

Gerk was overheard telling his mother on the phone.

I’m far too busy tweeting jokes about Will Grier sucking to my UF friends.”

Gerk is one of many students who will be passing up family traditions and time with loved ones in order to make sure that every student attending the University of Florida is aware of their deep hatred and long-time feud. The students are even working together to organize shifts so that hurtful messages and lists with GIF’s of bad football plays are being sent out to their nemeses at all hours of the day.

“I know that I’ve got my priorities straight,”

Said FSU senior Audrey Dirch.

My parents can wait, right now I’m focusing on making sure that everyone at UF sees at least 6 memes of their kicker missing the field goal.”

The groups of students are facing some issues, however, as their messages of bad will are receiving very little feedback from the UF students who appear to be pre-occupied with their own personal holiday activities.

“Honestly I could care less about FSU hate week,”

One UF student said.

I guess I should say something to the 23 tweets I’ve gotten, but I just don’t have the energy.”

Until UF students finally respond, it appears that FSU students will continue to follow their plan of bitterly churning out memes, listicles and made-up hashtags as they ignore the many calls from their parents.