Following an embarrassing performance by the Florida Gators football team, one FSU student is reportedly experiencing the happiest day of his life.

Florida State University sophomore Brody Stillwater was found falling to his knees and crying tears of joy shortly after the game on Saturday.

This is the single best day of my life,”

Stillwater choked.

“There is literally nothing better in the world than the football team from my school beating the football team from the rival school.”

This sentiment was shared with the many other Seminole fans visiting the Swamp on Saturday, and many FSU fans have even reported that they will be heading straight home after the game weekend.

Despite the few weeks of classes left until winter break, the students believe that nothing better than the events of the rivalry game could occur in the rest of the semester.

I’m going right back to my apartment and watching that game over and over until spring classes start,”

Said one FSU student.

“I can retake my classes, but I can never relive that glorious moment.”

University of Florida students, however, were not as disappointed as their rivals hoped. In fact, campus activities seem to have returned to normal with little change in energy or attitude.

“Everyone wants to be a winner I guess,”

Said UF junior, Carly Kell.

I’m fine with only winning 364 days out of the year.”

Even in the midst of a loss, students are rallying around the team and preparing themselves for the SEC championship and next year’s season with the new team.  The general reaction seems to be mild disappointment, with a consistent overwhelming gratitude for the actual quality of the rest of the school.

Kell shared one final sentiment:

They may have had last night, but we have the rest of our lives.”