After the University of Florida football program lost its first game, exasperated Florida State football fans were finally able to crawl out of whatever cave they escape to when Gator teams do well.

“Gators suck lol,”

said FSU student Lucas Taylor, who hadn’t logged into his Twitter since Florida’s epic comeback against Tennessee. “Go Noles!”

The undefeated Seminoles have logged impressive victories over perennial powerhouses like the University of South Florida and Texas State and are now being blown out of proportion by their “die-hard” fans.

We lag behind in every other single category compared to UF,”

Taylor said.

“It’s nice to still be able to laugh at the Gator football team.”

The Seminoles, who lead the Gators in both severity of crimes committed but trail in suspensions handed down by the NCAA, will get to laugh all the way until they have to play an opponent in a decent conference.

“November 28,” head coach Jim McElwain reminded everyone.

The Seminoles most revered criminal, Jameis Winston, took a break from losing in the NFL to visit his favorite get-out-of-jail-free card.

The Gators got trounced,”

Winston said about the game that came down to one possession.

“Could’ve really used Grier, it disgusts me what he did.”

Winston, referencing the suspension of Florida QB Will Grier after testing positive for a banned substance, was most upset with the adamant defense of Grier by the student body at Florida.

I don’t know how such serious allegations can just be overlooked by such a large group of people,”

Winston said.

Instead of dwelling on their defeat, the Gators instead plan to dominate on the field against a tough schedule. McElwain also mentioned that no references to past championships will be made, because he has “a solid team on the field that can speak for itself.”

UPDATE: The loss also signals the end of the barrage of Treon Harris memes.