Country duo Florida Georgia Line announced on Twitter today that they will be playing a surprise concert during the halftime show of Saturday’s football match-up between the Universities of Florida and Georgia.

As fans of their respective states’schools, Georgia native Tyler Hubbard and Florida’s Brian Kelley had been planning to attend the game and act as guest pickers for College Gameday long before the last-minute performance was scheduled.

“Since we’ll already be at the game, might as well play a few songs. It’z just what we do,” the band’s official Twitter announced.

The tweet was accompanied by a photo of Hubbard with his entire upper body painted red with “Go Dawgs” written in black across his chest, and Kelley aggressively chugging blue and orange Gatorade while wearing a Florida hat.

The tweet sent fans into an uproar, causing tickets to immediately double or triple in price. Jacksonville resident and ticket scalper Justin White was particularly thrilled.

“With FGL performing, I’m actually keeping a ticket for myself. I don’t even care about the game. I’m a Jags fan. Duuuuuuvaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllll! #DTWD,” he tweeted to his five followers.

Others declared their intentions to blast the band’s music during the tailgate nicknamed the “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.” The band’s manager, Lindsey Carter, did not share the fans excitement. In a candid pre-game press-conference, she revealed her worry that the outcome of this football rivalry might rip the band apart. With Hubbard on edge since Georgia’s loss to LSU, tensions are high in the band.

She recommends fans get their tickets to watch Florida Georgia Line perform while he’s still around, but remains hopeful that music is healing to the conflict. Carter added that this might not be the band’s best show, as Hubbard and Kelly, along with their backing musicians plan to get thoroughly trashed at the legendary tailgate leading up to the game.