Local restaurants had to close yesterday on the 20th after running out of food in the late afternoon. Many are attributing this shortage to a bustling spring season and an increase of people going out to eat for Easter. One of the affected businesses, Taco Bell, responded with a comment:

We didn’t expect that our burritos and tacos would be such a popular Easter dish! It’s strange that they were so desired, as we didn’t have any special marketing or anything. Looks like people just want the highest quality food on this special day.

The spokesperson was later fired for referring to Easter as special.

Students were also busy since the holiday falls right before finals week. Many of them would go into alleys or secluded places just to get that extra bit of studying in. The woods around campus were especially popular, likely because of the serenity that students can find in nature. We asked one student, Mary, how she was celebrating as she shambled out of University Gardens.

What? You’re with the Alligator? Wait, what’s the Crocodile? Hahahahahahaha!

We left her laughing at our hilarious reporters.

Despite the eating and studying, students also had time to listen to their favorite music. Songs by Bob Marley and Sublime could be heard coming from dorms across campus. Much can be said of the students of UF and their acceptance of all holidays. Despite the moral integrity of the student body, The Crocodile urges you to refrain from any illegal activity (unless you’re sharing, in which case, pass it over).