Getting into UF can be incredibly exciting for new students, but the reality of living arrangements can quickly take its toll. So says Jessica Bradly, a freshman moving here from Tallahassee to start her first semester.

“I can’t believe how awful the dorms are here, and I’ve seen the ones at FSU,”

Said Bradly, after moving into her new dorm at Rawlings and meeting her assigned roommate.

“There’s a smell that doesn’t seem to go away regardless of how much Febreeze I spray, and that doesn’t even cover the scratching I hear behind the walls.”

Bradly said that she expected it to be an adjustment, but nothing like what she has experienced. Besides the outside of the building looking reminiscent of an asylum, the cleanliness inside is hardly any better. The worst part, she told us, was the lines for the showers.

“Time doesn’t exactly fly by when you have to wait for thirty people in front of you to get done washing their toes because they haven’t learned to buy the dollar flip flops at Walmart yet,”

Bradly’s roommate, preferring to stay anonymous, claims that you have to find your niche and just go with it in order to be happy.

Bradly, who already dislikes her roommate, disagrees.

“I have plenty of things that make me happy, and that’s not changing anything. And I have a feeling she’s a wiccan. She’s constantly bringing in lanterns with open flame, and the RA doesn’t seem to care.”

Bradly hopes that her situation can serve as an example to future freshman who want to live in dorms to get the ‘full college experience.’ She urges them to seek out equally trashy and unsanitary apartment complexes.

“But I guess at least they have a really close pool,” she said.