Southwest Recreation Center is a state of the art gym and many students flock to it to work out and sweat. But to some students, Southwest Rec is a place to further their relationship.

“We just walked in and felt so in tune with each other.”

Said Ryan Norris and Abby Cardeo simultaneously, as all swolemates do.

“We both ran a single lap and called it day.”

The couple plans to spend the rest of their days going to the gym and making gains together. The majority of swolemates at the University of Florida have been shown to break up after one decides to start going to the Student Recreation Center.

Some fitness and relationship experts disagree with the couple’s self description as they haven’t seem to have done any yoga or taken a spin class yet.

“It’s very important that a swolemate couple goes to at least one class together a week.”

Said Anastasia Medi, a prominent voice and counselor in the swolemate community

“If they don’t share a water bottle or locker then it just can’t work.”

Southwest Rec plans to add helpful signs around the gym that explain exactly what a swolemate is and how to tell if you and your partner are ready to make that step. The gym is expecting a rapid influx of new swolemate couples and plans on adding cardio machines that can used by two people at the same time so the couple can maximize their bonding.

The Student Recreation Center hopes that anyone will show up and please use their equipment. The older and less flashy gym is offering its services as a shelter from the couples for the single people that just want to work out alone without seeing loving pairs sharing a protein bar.