With exams on the horizon, and the consant hordes of students commuting across campus to study, complete an onslaught of assignments, University leadership has taken a strong step to help students commune under one studying location: Century Tower.

As a result of extensive online research by staffers to find what aids students around the world in completing and work at a continuous, everlasting pace, they have announced the decision to replace the quarter-hourly ringing melody with a continuous looping track of more “chill, lowkey” bell tones.

“Not only will this offer as pristine and apt studying ‘tunes’, but students will no longer have to find spaces within packed libraries,”

Said Student Engagement Associate and Yoga Guru, Jeannie Chen.

“As they walk through Turlington Plaza and down Newell Drive, they are immersed within the library of life.”

After recent reports of UF rising as a top-ten public university, President W. Kent Fuchs notably searched for improvements to student work-flow in order to lift the standard and attain a top-5 status.

The University has asserted that the change helps students realize that they too, know all the popular online things, and while some students have received the utopian-idealism positively, other students have raised concerns. We spoke to second-year economics major Kaylie Hutchins, who raised some concerns.

“As a Broward resident, the constant ringing has led to many sleepless nights and night terrors. Though, the Turlington preachers are drowned out by the noise, so, where there is a curse there is a blessing!”