Shocking news has surfaced today, that one UF professor has willingly admitted that he cares just as little about the summer class he is teaching as the students who are in it.

John Amando, 58, who teaches Anthropology 101 over Summer A, supposedly waited until the classroom was totally full with all 13 students to give a breakdown of how the semester would go. Students said that the speech was short, only going so far as to say that he was just as apathetic as they were about the class, and would most likely put in the bare minimum of work required by him.

“At first I was shocked, usually professors are all preach-y about going above and beyond the standards of academics or whatever,”

Said sophomore student Cassidee Peller.

“But he genuinely seemed to be just as disinterested in teaching us as we were in learning.”

Amando said that this is his fourth summer teaching, and his 8th year at UF. Despite liking his job, Amando said that he’s “just like the kids” in the respect that he has other things he would much rather be doing in the summer months in sunny Gainesville, particularly visiting his vacation home in Clearwater Beach.

“I know it’s a little unprofessional of me to tell these students who have paid hundreds of dollars that I’d rather be sipping a strawberry daiquiri on the beach than teaching them,”

Amando said, whose syllabus consists 95% of online discussion posts.

“But you would be surprised how much better students do when the expectations are incredibly low.”

After the initial shock, Amando’s class seems to be content with his announcement and teaching style. Most have said they are relieved they won’t have to buy the $265 textbook that was “suggested reading” for the class, while others look forward walking in a few minutes late to the 8:30 a.m. lecture. Peller said, however, that she wished some other teachers were more understanding.

“I swear my Summer C Spanish teacher scheduled oral exams on the 4th of July on purpose.”