The University of Florida bookstore has surprised students this semester by releasing a limited edition candle to be exclusively sold through on-campus outlets.

Campus officials spoke to press early Tuesday morning, discussing the highly anticipated release of Campus Candles™. Founder and CEO of the new candle company, Todd Nostral, released a statement to students and prospective buyers:

I wanted these candles to really evoke the sense that you were standing in Gainesville. When you light a Campus Candle™, you’re opening your senses to the world that is student life at UF.”

Predestined to be a bestseller is Nostral’s personal favorite, ‘Midtown’. Said to have extracts of Kentucky Gentleman and rotten pizza, this candle truly gives users the Midtown experience, simply through smell.

“I bought this candle for my boyfriend,” said UF junior Kelly Schneider. “I wanted it to remind him of the place we met: waiting in line at Pizza by the Slice at 1 a.m.”

There’s nothing more romantic than being able to be transported back to that magical moment when he cut me in line and I gave him my snapchat.”

Most pre-sales of the ‘Midtown’ candle have been made by seniors, reports showed. Whether it be the burning desire to feel as if they’re drunkenly meandering the garbage-riddled parking lot by Relish, or the tranquil fragrance of the place dreams go to die, seniors can’t seem to stay away from this all-time favorite candle scent.

Nostral included in his statement a list of scents students should be expecting from Campus Candles™: ‘Krishna Lunch at the Plaza,’ ‘Broward Hall Bathroom,’ ‘Old Professor Smell,’ ‘Fraternity Gentleman’s Boat Shoes,’ and ‘That Girl Who Brought Lunch to Class.’

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