One UF student is reportedly completely oblivious that keeping the pom-poms given out at UF basketball games is optional, much to the dismay of his roommate who is forced to live with his growing collection.

Lewis Carter, 18, has been to every home basketball game this semester, and often shows his team spirit with face paint, blue and orange overalls, and as much free Gator memorabilia as he can find in the bleachers before the game starts.

“At first it was funny going to the games with Lewis because he was so into it,”

Said Carter’s roommate Alex Dubrove.

“But then he started taking every leftover orange and blue pom-pom home like it was his job, I don’t think he knew it was even an option to leave it there.”

Carter said he assumed the pom-poms were a way to prove you had been to all the games, though he admitted not being able to tell the difference between the free pom from the South Carolina game and the one from the Georgia game. However, he said it’s been great proof for those who doubt his status as a “real” sports fan.

“There are so many fake fans out there, pretending to like basketball when really they probably don’t even know our point guard’s brother’s favorite color,”

Carter said, wearing a jersey with a picture of Mike White’s face.

“But when they see my wall of almost 50 Gator shakers, it’s like a receipt that proves I was at every single game, even the not so good ones.”

Carter said he’s not sure what he will do next semester when he starts running out of space for his fan memorabilia, but he’s sure he’ll keep them until after he graduates—to “show the other alumni what’s up.”