Dear Ex-Quarterback,

Hi. I know it’s been a long time since we last spoke, and although we’ve gone our separate ways, I can’t help but reminisce about the day that I saw you last. As you walked off of that field that final time, I knew in my heart that you were the one.

It’s taken a lot for me to write this to you, but I’ve decided that there’s something that you need to know; something that’s been weighing down on my chest for a long time now.

I miss you Will.

I miss the way you threw the ball. I miss your poise, your leadership. I miss your presence in the pocket, not even hesitating to deliver a dime to a wide-open receiver. You were all I ever looked for in a quarterback, Will, and it pains me every time to think about what could have been for our team, for you and me.

I’m on your side, #7. They can say whatever they want about you, but I know deep down that at the end of the day, it wasn’t the illegal supplements that made you into the player that you are. It was your heart. People may claim that you’re “a washed-up fraud”, or “a cheating traitor who doesn’t deserve to play for the Gators ever again” but to me, you will always be a quarterback. You will always be my quarterback.

It’s hard to say what will come of this. Not knowing whether or not I’ll ever be able to see you play again is the hardest thing that I’ve ever endured. You’re sending me mixed signals, and I think it’s best that I moved on once and for all. Its not you, Will, it’s the PEDs.

I hope that I may see you again sometime soon.  I hope that you can move on from this whole situation and that maybe, just maybe I can learn to love you again. For now, I must put my full and complete trust into Treon Harris to fill the gaping void that you’ve left in my heart.

Goodbye, Will Grier, my used-to-be quarterback.

Lots of regretful love,

Your Ex-Biggest Fan


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