The Crocodile Rap Investigation team has just uncovered that 2 Chainz upcoming concert is nothing more than an excuse to come to UF and finish off his degree in chemistry.

Apparently Mr. Chainz (formerly known as Tity Boi) is using the concert as a façade so that none of his rapper friends know about his academic pursuits. Everyone knows doing well in school is for losers and geeks, we don’t have to explain that to you. We asked 2 Chainz for his thoughts on the recent uncovering of his plans.

“Ya’ll wasn’t supposed to know about my degree. I can’t be tellin’ people to bury me in the liquor store and then start talkin’ about ions and covalent bonds and shit. That’s unprofessional.”

Other rappers have heard the news and aren’t taking it very well. Lil Wayne recently called Chainz out on Twitter for being a “nerd” and says his degree should be in “lameness” instead. Even Chainz former friend Ludacris jumped on the hate train. He had the following to say:

“Man I thought 2 Chainz was one of us. Shoulda called him Study Boi instead of Tity Boi when I had the chance. What a dweeb!”

However, this recent influx of hate won’t hold 2 Chainz down. He has declared that he is still getting the degree and already has his Versace cap and gown ready.


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